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How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They are Built

Posted in Architecture, Built Environment, Research and Analysis by designprose on February 22, 2011

Buildings or built environments do learn, adapt, change over a period of time after they are inhabited. This organic modification or adaptation albeit organic takes place immediately as people move in. How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand throws light on the same aspect. Post occupancy what happens to space and how its intended use is successful or not and if it is, to what degree. Post occupancy evaluation is an important tool to measure success of architectural collaboration and for future learning, too. Stewart Brand’s book was later converted into six part TV series. All of them are available on the web. It is worth architectural professional’s time and energy as Brand brings out some nuanced observations, opinions of users who have lived in those spaces or the folks who have tried to maintain the building. Insightful, incisive and inductive by nature. Brings up the point that post occupancy evaluation is as much important as pre-design or design phases. POE loops back to design phases as the lessons from evaluation can be applied in future projects.